Process technology for electrical insulation

  • trickling
  • powder coating
  • current-UV
  • induction



Full process chain for hairpin-stator insulation:
Combined processes for powder coating (electrostatic / thermal) and trickle impregnation followed by a curing-process. Sample impregnation or ramp-up of small production at our machines.

From first ideas until the production, commissioning, start-up and After-Sales services enjoy modern engineering with the sense for approved technologies – we achieve the impossible.
From laboratory machines for R&D-tasks to large scale production-plants - we develop and project energy saving technology solutions.

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heating technologies

- induction
- resistance heating
- forced air


Insulation proccesses

- powder coating
- trickle impregnation



- inside centric handlinger with automatic function
- outside handlinger with automatic function