Since 2002 - more than a decade - we operate as a global producer of process-plant technology.

Our purpose is, to optimize your production processes with the most modern facilities for impregnating your products and to use our know-how to develop and to build forward-looking, powerful and durable systems for your company.

Our focus is the impregnation of electrical components (motors, generators, transformers, electrical windings of all kinds) with the current methods, such as Vacuum impregnation, VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation), Träufel-impregnation, dip-rolling, dipping impregnation, flow-UV and power-heat-impregnation (hot dip technique) and impregnation with induction technology.

We also manufacture equipment for the impregnation of other products, such as

  • sintered components
  • Carbon components
  • Wood and paper
  • Cast metal components
  • other porous components

Since 2010 you can find us in our modern office- and production-building.

From the initial idea through production and commissioning to the "after-sales" - you can experience cutting-edge engineering with the sense of what is possible and the passion for quality.

Volker Niemann, Managing director

The Team